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What's new on UI Bakery

Here, you can find the UI Bakery news feed and changelog. We’ll try to regularly share the updates on the platform functionality here to keep you posted.
Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

Bug reports ⚙️

Sorry if you’ve faced any errors in UI Bakery. Do not hesitate to tell us about them here!
Even if you’re not 100% sure it’s a bug – leave a post about it, we’ll handle it.
And keep calm, our tech team’s to the rescue!

Questions and Answers ❓

Feel free to ask us any questions related to UI Bakery, team, projects, pricing, roadmap, and everything NOT related to app building (you have the How do I do that? category for this purpose)

How do I do that? 🤓

Here, you can ask how to do particular things in UI Bakery. If you need any advice or can give advice on how to build the needed app or create a certain workflow or action – do not hesitate to ask here.
Be detailed & visual if possible.
Before posting, please check the existing questions and the UI Bakery knowledge base.

Feature requests ✅

It’s a perfect place to share UI Bakery related wishes
What is a specific feature you’d like the platform to have? Why do you need it? How can it help users? Let us know.
Also, if you would like us to add a specific template that might be useful for other community members or have any webinar suggestions - let us know as well!

Show and Tell 💻

Would you like to share the app you’ve built with the community? Do you have a quick workaround to share? Post it here! We are very excited about new ideas If you think your app would be helpful for other community members, or you’ve come around a special trick - just post it! We could also think of making your app into a template on our site, so don’t hesitate!