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We are happy to have you on board! :partying_face:

UI Bakery community is built to get support, guidelines and best practices around building your apps on UI Bakery, discuss its features, and share your templates and ideas for inspiration.

Before posting, please read these rules:

  • Be friendly and polite
  • If you are looking for some help, try exploring our docs and video tutorials first
  • Check out our templates and blog for more ideas
  • Stick to the simple posting rules listed below
  • Don’t forget to sign up for UI Bakery free trial!

Posting rules:

The content is split into several sections each dedicated to its own topic, the brief description below:

What’s New on UI bakery - we will post feature updates and our news on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and tell you everything that has been done so far. Stay tuned for the updates! :eyes: Feel free to ask us questions - always open for a chat!

Bug reports :gear: - issues and bugs? Not cool. But we all make mistakes. If you are experiencing any issues with UI bakery, please share the details of your issue. Don’t forget to add as many details as you can and possibly share a screenshot - so helpful. :nerd_face: Anyways, if your issue is a real blocker and you cannot continue working with the system, please drop us an email at support@uibakery.io or ping us in a live chat

Questions and Answers - ask any questions related to UI Bakery, team, projects, pricing, roadmap, everything NOT related to app building

How do I do that? - Looking to build something specific but not sure how to achieve that? Have an app idea but doubt whether it’s actually possible to build? No worries! Just share your ideas and concerns around something you want to have built, and we’ll discuss together! Everyone in the community is welcome to share their thoughts and possible solutions and workarounds :computer:

Feature Requests - pretty obvious, right? Let us know what features will help you improve your UI Bakery experience. Tell us what you want, and how that feature would help you. Also, feel free to share your workarounds - maybe someone is looking for a solution you’ve already found?

Show and Tell - would you like to share the app you’ve built with the community? Post it here! We are very excited about new ideas :heart_eyes: If you think your app would be helpful for other community members, or you’ve come around a special trick - just post it! We could also think of making your app into a template on our site, so don’t hesitate!

Our community and all the topics we discuss matter to us, so please be polite and respectful, help us improve the discussions, be reasonable, and do not post any abusive or offensive content. Keep your language clean and respect everyone around you.

Welcome again and happy posting!

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