Visit a specific resource in the project

Dear UI Bakery team,

We are implementing a Forgot Password feature using UI Bakery for our project. We have decided to go with the “reset password link” approach.

But we don’t know how to let a user visit a specific page in the project. Because in the Share version of the project, we only have a static link (e.g. UI Bakery). But we want to allow user to visit something like the following:
UI Bakery.

Is that possible? Please let me know if any further elaboration on the issue is needed.

Thanks so much in anticipation!

Best regards,

hi @isfand!
Thank you for a great question, it is a problem with share functionality.
But no worries, linking to certain page will work after code generation (downloading) or after the app deployment.
You will be able to create the links like MY_APP_URL/reset_password_page_url?code=xxx

Thanks so much for your help, @ArtemRomanovsky :slight_smile: