Trouble Building the Project After Export

Dear UI Bakery team,

After the export/download of the project, these are the steps that I followed:
Note: My global Angular CLI version is 11.2.1.

  1. “npm install”.
  2. “npm audit fix”.
  3. 5 vulnerabilities still remained so I ran “npm audit fix --force”.
  4. Error about version mismatch of Angular CLI and Angular, so I updated using “ng update @angular/cli @angular/core”. After this step, my Angular CLI version was 11.2.2. Before it was 10.x.x.
  5. Still there are compilation errors including:
  • ‘,’ expected.
  • ‘:’ expected.
  • Unterminated string literal.
  • Declaration or statement expected.
  • Invalid character.
    These errors are only in one file i.e. src/app/pages/home/home.component.ts.

Ideally, it should work without the need of any version upgrade or anything. Could you please let me know what’s the problem here?


Best regards,
Isfandyar Siddiqui

The same errors are showing up on the E-learning Dashboard template after downloading and performing the same steps on it. Hope this helps.

Hello @isfand!
Thanks for letting us know about the problem. Our dev team is looking into it.