Summer '21 Features Highlights 🏝

Summer is for fun and all the cool stuff, so we took advantage of it and rolled out a bunch of kicky features. Let’s recap the most exciting ones :sunglasses:

1. Components Structure Autogeneration

The newly added components structure autogeneration is a real game-changer. It recognizes the structure of your data and presents it in a proper way inside the Table, Form, or other Component.

2. Updated Variables Autocomplete option

The autocomplete option on the Main settings tab has been updated with a set of structured UI variables’ groups. As you start typing into the Data field, autocomplete will look for the closest match and highlight all available options in the preview among the variables corresponding to your input

3. Action Step Payload

After Run Action step, you are now able to see the payload of that Action, which is extremely useful for HTTP request execution, and validate the outcome for quick debugging in case of any errors in the request.

4. New templates

Not sure where to start? We have added more templates that cover several use cases on a basis of different data sources. (MySQL, Airtable, Google Sheets, etc.). Choose the one that suits you the most and play around with your data on top of the suggested solution

5. Test data sources

If you don’t want to connect your database right from the start, you have the opportunity to try UI Bakery using the test data sources that we have added. MySQL and HTTP API are available for tests.

Aside from these features, we have added some minor updates, such as adding the expand code button, the color palette enhancement, export table data option, domain auto-invite, and markdown support.

Additionally, here’s the list of the data source integrations we’ve added in the summer:

  • Airtable;
  • Google BigQuery;
  • MongoDB;
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • Firebase (Beta)