Smart Table component refreshes on action execution

Hello UI Bakery team,

I have been facing an issue and I hope you can help me resolve it as this component is needed throughout my project.

Issue Statement:
The Smart Table component refreshes itself whenever an action button of that Smart Table is pressed. Action button includes edit button, delete button, and page selection button. (other actions have not been tested)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to UI Bakery.
  2. Open a project.
  3. Click on the “eye” icon in the top-right.
  4. Press any action button from: edit, delete, page select.

The issue doesn’t occur once I switch back to the “building” view and then preview it again.
But when I open the project using the share-link, this issue still persists because there is no “preview” button on the share version.
As Smart Tables are really important for our whole project, they are used in more than one place and everywhere they pose the same problem.

If you need any more info on this issue, I will be glad to provide it. Thanks!

Best regards,
Isfandyar Siddiqui

hi @isfand!
We fixed this issue recently! Thank you for the report!

Hi @ArtemRomanovsky,

Yes thanks a lot!