Slow Builder - Any Plan to Fix This?


I thought I would just provide the feedback that the UI Bakery site is slow when trying to use the Builder - especially when making changes in the data and formatting sections of the builder. I am not sure if it is hardware related on the UI Bakery’s end or software related (in terms of how the platform is coded). But I thought I would raise this. Given the delays that the Builder gives, it can hinder adoption of UI Bakery by new users. I am not sure if there is currently any plan on UI Bakery’s roadmap to address this.


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It’s partially hardware related. I had the same issues on my 2015 MacBook Pro - but then when I switched to my iMac it made a huge difference. Would suggest also running on Firefox as it seems to be much faster than Chrome in my experience.

Yes, I would like to second this thread too.
UI Bakery gets really slow after a specific session of use. It gets even harder to navigate the code in the Data Mode of a Text component.
I have a 9th Gen i7 processor and 8 GB Ram.

Yes, I agree with the TimTim and isfand. I am running a MacBook Pro 2017 and editing fields that support variables takes multiple seconds until the pressed character appears on screen.

Hi @phip_phip,

is the Builder still slow now?