Running Google Places API

Did anyone run the Google places API successfully? I have replicated the tutorials, but always get an error in results and showing the results in a smartTable. Thank you.

hi @sebastas!
Could you please share the screenshot with the Network tab? We need to check the error description.
We believe there could some issues with:

  1. the response you are trying to send is not authorized;
  2. otherwise, if the response gives you a correct result - the problem is in the Save to App State step.
  3. one more idea - use the {{data.results}} instead of {{}}.
    I hope this helps

Using the {{data.results}} with arrays works fine. But when I use as an object also works fine, the issue is that results are not delivered into the smartTable as you can see in the video for “Get Details Data”

Thank you.

Hi @sebastas!
We got your idea, for the moment SmartTable supports only arrays, because of that your object is not illustrated on the screen.
But you can use a simple table component where you can put a text inside of the cell and replace it with the syntaxis like {{state.listing_details.formatted_address}} or {{state.listing_details.formatted_phone_number}} and so on.

Hi Artem,
Thank you very much for your reply. The plot thickens now, how can I then, join these 2 "simple columns in the first table based on the Place_id (Primary key) and with “”, so that 2nd API is only triggered when data is added to the first table? Hope it is clear. Thank you once again.

@sebastas do you mean, you want to connect 2 data fields, and the key between both tables is Place_id (Primary key)?
Maybe you can describe your issue step by step?

Hi Artem,
I need to Call Google Place api in first table, then after that run 2nd Google API (Using Place_id as reference key) and add those results in same Table. So one Table, to APIs.

Thank you.

Yes, I will process this question to the team, to find an example