Release Notes week 37 (Sept 13 - Sept 17)

Check out the freshest features of the week from UI Bakery team :doughnut:

Data Fields Validation

Data fields validation has been added to notify in case of any errors with the data. An error will be shown when the code/interpolation cannot be executed, e.g. for a Form component, an array will be set instead of an object, etc. The field will be framed with a red border and upon a hover, an error message will be displayed.

Action step settings tabs re-design

We have re-designed the Action step tabs to make them neater and easier to use. Now, you only have Setup and Context tabs on top, while Payload and Result tabs have moved to the bottom. After the Action is run, the Result tab will be now highlighted in green in case of success or in red in case of any errors. To check the details, this tab can be extended and collapsed.