Release Notes October: Roles& Permissions, Timezone Configuration and many more!

Please welcome our cool October features :fallen_leaf:

Roles and Permissions

With the new ACL option, you will be able to assign different access permissions to your apps to your colleagues. Besides, you will be able to create your custom roles to ensure your users only access the data they need to work with.

Datasource timezone configuration

We have featured an option to either keep the Date&Time in the original timezone or convert it to UTC. Now, upon connecting your database as a data source, you can check or uncheck the timezone option depending on your desired outcome. By default, the option is checked.

Ability to change image size in Table

For the Table columns that contained images, it was pretty difficult to see the details before. Now, you can adjust the size of images in the Column by applying the Full-Width option. When checked, the images will inherit their original width, the height will be adjusted automatically according to the width applied.

Metric UI variable

Metric variables can now be referred to and used in other Components. Metric variables are most commonly used in different calculations. Can be referred to as {{ui.Metric.value.main}} and {{ui.Metric.value.additional}}

Variable {{ value }} for referencing self value

From now on, you can refer to the field value via the {{value}} variable. Say you have a table with your Customers’ records, and you would like to highlight all the customers with a credit limit above and below 90k. You can simply use the code {{ value >= 90000 ? 'success' : 'danger' }} - all the records will be correspondingly highlighted either in green or in red depending on their value