Release Notes March 2022: Tabs, Cards and many more!

The public project toggle is back!

Following the update of the organization dashboard, the option of making the application public has been hidden for a while. Now we’ve brought it back, and you can control the accessibility of your apps when necessary.

Please note that this option is available on a Business plan.

Embed link

We have been asked many times whether UI Bakery can be embedded into other applications. The answer is yes!

You can find the Embed Link in the application’s settings and use it to insert UI Bakery into any other application that you need.


Tabs allow you to present the information in a more structured way. You can use Tabs to compare your data, save the app’s space by organizing the data inside the tabs. Tabs can be used as containers, so you can group any components there to achieve the necessary custom look of the application.


You can now combine several components inside a card to create your own containers! Cards are resizable and can be copy-pasted together with their nested components onto the working area or inside another Card. You can also integrate Cards with Tabs for a better structure in your apps.

Button inside a Table/ Detail

Buttons can now be created right in the Table and Detail component. They add more flexibility and allow you to launch specific actions or navigate easily with just a button click.

Connect data button

If you now add a component before creating any action, you will get a tooltip in the Data field with a hint to connect your data and create your action.

Transform result toggle

We have hidden the panel of the result mapper under a toggle in order to not weigh down the action panel. If you need to transform the results of your action using Javascript syntax, just activate the toggle.


We have released the ability to set up data sources environments. Environments allow you to use development/staging databases while building and testing your applications without any risks of messing up with the data and breaking your production environment. Configure dev and staging environments to build and test your applications on test data, and then deploy ready-to-use version to production.

Multi Language pages support

With users all over the world, we realize the need to create internal applications in your native language. In the current release, we have added the support of page names in different languages (previously page names could have been configured in English only).