Release Notes January 2022: Environments, audit logs, and many more! 🚀

You’ll definitely love the first 2022 rocket release! :rocket: Our team is proud of the new features and excited to share them with you :heart_eyes:

1. Generators
Don’t want to start building from scratch or need a simple CRUD app? Try generators! As you connect your data source, the system automatically suggests you predefined component+action pairs. No need to create them manually. You can use suggestions with a Table, a Form, a Chart, and a Metric.

2. Environments
We have introduced environments to help you test your applications on a staging environment before deploying them to production. Assign your release versions and restore older versions if necessary.

3. Snapshots and history
You can now create snapshots while you’re building and keep snapshots history. In case you need to revert to an older version, you can restore a necessary version in one click.

4. Audit logs
When you are collaborating with your colleagues, it’s important to know who made certain changes to the application or encountered any errors during app usage. Audit logs allow you to keep track of the changes and help you troubleshoot any issues that might arise.

5. Triggers for actions
In some complex workflows, successful or failed action execution would trigger another action. Previously, you handled it with an Execute action step. In the updated version, we have added a Triggers tab on an Action pane. You can configure actions that will be executed as an outcome of a certain step and won’t impact its result, be it a table refresh or alert upon successful form submission.

6. Renaming actions
We have simplified the process of renaming an action. Just double-click on the action name or click the Edit icon to give an action a new name.

7. Custom colors
Now, you can use an extended color palette in your application (buttons, pop-ups, other components supporting JS). Use color shades references (warning, warning-light, warning dark) or any valid CSS color.