Release Notes February 2022: organization dashboard is here! 🎉

Organization dashboard

Welcome the brand new look and feel of UI Bakery organization dashboard! :tada:
We have moved the list of your applications to the left sidebar, as well as shifted the account and organization settings to the left and gave it a more neat and compact appearance.

Additionally, with the updated organization settings, you can now modify the link to your application by adding your company name to the URL.


Logs have been introduced to provide information about how the action run. Logs tab is available on the bottom pane. For a quick debugging process, add the console.log function to your code and troubleshoot right in the app, without the need to access the browser developer console.

Regex library

We have introduced a Regex library - a list of most commonly used regular expressions with code examples in different programming languages: JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, and PHP. Featured on Product Hunt!