Release Notes April 2022: page-specific ACL, modals and others 😎

Updated data source/ table selector

To simplify the new action creation process, you will consistently get a list of your connected data sources and corresponding tables to be able to quickly select the required one. You can also search for a necessary table in the list in case of multiple tables present.


Templates are back! Since the release of the updated organization menu, the templates have been hidden for a while. Now we have released old and added new templates covering more use cases and data sources.

Modal component

The new Modal component allows you to group several components together on one overlay, which is opened by a button click. This allows you to clean up your screen space by moving certain components inside the modal. You can adjust the dimensions of the modal and add as many components as you wish, as it supports scaling with the addition of new components.

Page-specific access control

You can now manage the page-specific access in your applications. If you need certain pages to be hidden from a specific users’ group, you can configure this in the page settings. Restricted pages can also be hidden from the menu.

Improved label design

We have updated the label settings design for input components (Input, Select, Text) and made it more compact.