Refresh a single page instead of the whole project

Hello UI Bakery team,

If we try to refresh the page using the refresh button of the browser, the whole UI Bakery project refreshes. How can we refresh only the page we are viewing inside our project e.g. homepage or profile page?


Hi @isfand

Thank you for your contribution!

It’s again me, Artem from UI Bakery.

Regarding your question, unfortunately, there is no option to refresh only one page in the project.

Could you please describe your case in detail? Probably, we will consider adding this feature to our idea bank.

Dear Artem,

Yes sure. It would be my pleasure to contribute more to this project :blush:

So let’s say we have a portal with more than one pages which are the following:

  1. Dashboard Home (with all the overviews and cool graphs)
  2. User Profile
  3. All Users

From the structure above, I’m sure you can understand that the UI Bakery considers the 1st element to be the starting page of the project (which in our case is Dashboard Home).

Let’s say I navigate to the All Users page.
Now I press the refresh button of the browser.

The result of this action is such that the UI Bakery logo shows up and then again the Dashboard Home page is shown. Instead, my desired output was that only the All Users page would refresh.

I hope it’s clearer a little bit. Thanks.

Hi @ArtemRomanovsky,

Just wanted to ask if this is possible after exporting the project?


thank you for the reply, @isfand!

Yes, it is possible but it would be an emulation of the refresh action.

Thanks, @ArtemRomanovsky.

Could you explain further about this?