Problem during create action on smartTable

I have set correctly my JSObject with the name of every field as it was identified in Bakery.

name: {{}},
description: {{ui.SmartTable.newRow.description}},
startDate: {{ui.SmartTable.newRow.startDate}},
endDate: {{ui.SmartTable.newRow.endDate}},
idPlace: {{ui.SmartTable.newRow.idPlace}}

Anyware when I click on create button and the action “add lesson” is called I receive this error.

Cannot read property ‘name’ of null.

But as I have said the property is set and configured correctly

Hello @Ivano_Simoneschi!
Thank you for the detailed report!
In your example you referred to property “newRow”, it could be “null” if there hadn’t created any row.
In case you have already created a new row and the error appears it is definitely a bug.
Please let me know then

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It seems like you have to use Thats how I got it to work.

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