New Web Application


I would like to create a single page web application to manage my companies training records. Can you please tell me if this is possible with UI Bakery?

I need to create a dashboard application but I’ve got some basic knowledge of HTML.

Also can I create forms that can collect data such as training requests, etc?


Hi Lee,
In general, yes it’s possible for all your questions. And yes you can make it without knowledge of frontend programming. You can schedule a call with us following the link. Artem, our client success manager, will explain all main principles so that you dive into making your app faster.

But still, there are some limitations.
You should check whether we have all components that you need. In most cases, it’s enough but if you need some custom components it could be a limitation. You cannot create any component on your own.
Also if you want to connect the data to your dashboard and the app, you need to have a backend and some basic understanding of API requests, JSON and JS. It’s needed to connect the APIs and get some logic on UI. Your backend can be just and Airtable, not a real backend solution like Firebase, but it should be.
The same is related to forms. You can create a form but you need a backend to store the data.

We can help you with all this stuff if you contact our support. Also, we have a Startup support program that includes 5 1-hour individual lessons.

Please let me know if I’ve answered your questions and whether you need more information and help.

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