Multiple Questions in one post

Hello UI Bakery Team,

I have quite a few questions that have come up while working on one of my projects using UI Bakery and I figured I would just ask them all in one post - as their answers might be quick and straight forward. I would appreciate your responses on the below questions.

  1. Can header/body/footer padding be modified for the Card component? I am trying to reduce the amount of padding, but I don’t want to totally eliminate all padding

  2. Is there a way to provide more control around uploaded text styles? For instance, I specified the below link for a text style, but I am not certain which sub-font style is being used in UI Bakery. Also, if I want to italicize a text, I can’t. Or if I want to use the thin font for certain texts, I can’t. Is that something UI Bakery plans to support sometime in the future? (Url: Google Fonts )

  3. Does UI Bakery support some form of sharing to other social media platforms? i.e. if I want a user to be able to share some bit of text or data to say Twitter or Facebook, is that supported? Or is it a feature that would be supported in the future?

  4. Are pop up windows supported (or in the features roadmap for UI Bakery)? For instance, a user can click on a button or icon that creates a pop-up window over their current screen, and the user can close the pop-up window at any time.

  5. Are tool tips supported (or in the features roadmap for UI Bakery)? For instance, a user’s cursor can hoover over an icon or word and a tool tip shows up briefly

  6. Is there a plan to support more color editing options for a component than is currently supported? For instance, if I want to change the colors of a Button component, I don’t see any options from the color palette where I have chosen ‘all’ my colors. Instead, I only see options for primary, success, info, warning, basic, info, danger, basic, control under the ‘status’ drop down list.


hi @ObyY!

Regarding the questions:

  1. yes, you can try this workaround. Disable card padding, select space placed in a card, put padding for space as much as needed.
  2. As far as we test, I see that sub-font is implemented. To italicize the text: select text component, select I in text component settings.
  3. Not yet, I will add this idea to our idea bank. The release of this feature is not defined.
  4. Yes, pop-up window will be released quite soon after the release of the new engine (within a month).
  5. We have tooltips in our basic product - Nebular. So we will definitely implement tooltips as well.
  6. The only option, for now, is to change primary, success, info, warning, basic, info, danger to the colors you want to use via Branding (Design) part of UI Bakery. But we have this feature (called CSS classes) on our roadmap.