Month and time missing from date picker


I just tried using a date picker on my project and it looks like a bug might have been recently introduced to the date picker. See below screenshot. As a result of the missing month, I am getting an error saving a chosen date to the database.

hi @ObyY!
What data format do you want to implement in date picker?

Hi Artem,

Sorry, I am only just seeing this response. The previous format that was there would work for me. I can then change the date to datetime before saving to the database.

However, since the month is missing from the date picker, it causes an error trying to create a date and by extension a datetime from it. See below screenshots from the f12 window,

I forgot to mention that the date picker also was showing NAN for the time portion of the date picker. So month and time is missing but the days are still showing …

hi @ObyY !
Could you please share the link to your app?

@ObyY Thank you!
You need to use {[item.requestedMobilization}} instead of {newDate(item.requestedMobilization).toDateString()}} in the value field of date component.

In case it doesn’t work, use {{new Date(item.requestedMobilization)}}.

I hope the issue is to be resolved :slight_smile:

Thanks Artem. I will give it a try. However, on the face of things, it looks like it is the date picker component itself that has an issue, as I don’t see a month displayed in the date picker (see my screenshot above).

On a related note, by what date will the new Smart Table be available? If it will be very soon, I might just hold off on trying to work with the regular table component and see if the new Smart Table component addresses the issues I initially had with it.

it should be released within February or so.

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Okay, great. One more follow on question. If I use the Smart Table component as it currently is, once the new version is released, would I need to update my project with the new version? i.e. will I need to go to the builder and delete the Smart Table component in my project and then re-create it?