Marketing tool based on APIs

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for adding this new forum section.

I want to build a marketing tool for small businesses by mixing up several tools already existing on the marketplace. These tools are useful for very small businesses and freelancers, and I’d love to help them achieve their goals with my marketing freelance business.

The tools I want to replicate inside my app are: (# research tool)
allows you to look for hashtags and check how many are posting on them. It’s useful to research new hashtag and save collections of hashtags.

It also scans Instagram and check which hashtags your posts rank into. (kw research tool)
small but effective SEO research tool. I have no idea if they have an API and I doubt I can use UIBakery to crawl Google for me, so maybe I can consider tools with APIs like SerpStat to gather data and display it dynamically inside UIBakery. (Marketing API of Facebook)
search for interesting, cost-effective audiences from the Marketing API of Facebook (Marketing API of Facebook)
search for all the ads relevant to a certain kw or topic. Very useful to visualize winning ad and create a content marketing strategy (Marketing API of Facebook)
handles ads and set custom rules within a single, unified dashboard. Doing something this complex is surely impossible, but a simple dashboard to launch, track and pause ads will be enough (kinda like adzooma).

Do you think something like this could be possible on UIBakery?

The frontend is not a problem for me, I’m an avid user of Oxygen Builder (webflow for Wordpress) and I have basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. What troubles me is how to make the actual data gathering and display work.


Hi @Giorgio_Barilla,

Generally speaking, anything that has REST API and this API has no limitations for being accessed from browser environment, could be integrated with UI Bakery.

Though you might consider using some “tool in the middle” (or custom backend) which will be integrated with all these services and then provide a unified API for front-end built in UI Bakery.

Hi Dmitry,

Do you have any example of such tool?

Maybe something like

I’m no expert on this topic, but maybe (seems to allow custom HTTP integrations) or will do the trick.

In any case, keep up posted on your progress and let us know if we can help out.