Make a Real Authentication Page Work

Hello UIBakery,

Hope all is well with you! I just discovered about you today and find your service really promising and very helpful for beginners!

My question is, how do I make a real authentication work and not just a pretty design?

Login is working.
Sign up is working.
Forgot password is working.
Confirmation email is working.
And the login user can edit profile.


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Hello @seekfirst!
I’m so sorry, your question somehow got lost, haven’t got any notification! :flushed:
Is the question still relevant for you now in 2021? :smiley:

So sorry again :frowning:

It’ll be relevant for us @ev_jennie can you please create a demo video on the same? We’re trying to create multiple customer portals, I’d like if you can show us how it can be done with UIbakery + Firebase or UIbakery + MySQL

Hi @vishal_sethi,
Have you checked the video here: Get a web app from your database | UI Bakery ?

@ev_jennie yes I saw that video but I don’t have that option to connect datasource such as MySQL or Google sheets as shown in the linked video.

Kind Regards

Press “Schedule a demo” button there on the page :slight_smile: The demo is very brief & really useful, and after watching it you’ll get the access you need!

I think this is because you don’t have access to the new internal release. Schedule the demo it’s worth the time and the new features are absolutely magic.

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