LocalStorage not being Persisted after reload (Production)

ISSUE: LocalStorage is not being load after browser reload

When reloading the browser, components that uses the local storage will not load the data from localStorage and shows “N/A”. The issue only occurs on Production version and not on Dev version. Please see the video below.

Screen record: UI-Bakery-LocalStorage-BUG.webm - Google Drive

Hello @Jonel_Pante,

I’m sending the issue to our development team and will keep you posted.
In case of any questions from our side, I’ll let you know. If you also have anything, just let me know


Hi again @Jonel_Pante
Please be informed, that our team has identified and fixed the issue, though the fix hasn’t been sent to production yet.
As soon as it’s in production, I’ll notify you additionally.

Hi @Jonel_Pante
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!
Please be informed that the issue with the local storage has been fixed
Please double-check on your side and let me know if anything else pops up


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Upon checking, The issue is not appearing anymore.

Great news! Thank you @Jonel_Pante