Load Table action claims I don't have a datasource connected

Hi team! I began an evaluation of UIBakery and started my from-scratch project by connecting to our MSSQL database. The connection was successful and I can see my tables (Screenshot).

When adding an action to load a table, however, I’m told “You don’t have any database data sources connected yet. Start by [connecting one]” (Screenshot)

Clicking “connecting one” takes me back to the database view and shows me my successfully-added data source. However, nothing changes. I can’t associate the action to this data source.

These steps were guided from the embedded tutorial flow, but I can’t help but think something this obvious must be my own misunderstanding. Is this a bug or did I miss a step?

Hey @Tom360,
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Apologies for the delayed response. If your question is still actual, please note that MSSQL is still in beta, that’s why you can only retrieve the data via SQL queries. Please check out this article as well, you might find it helpful

Cheers! :wink: