Issues associated with signing in to my account

How do I solve the problem of ‘‘Token is empty or invalid’’ that is usually displayed whenever I try to sign in to my account ?

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Hello @Adetunji_Adejare!
My colleague @ArtemRomanovsky will help you a bit later – they will take a look at your issue in the first place tomorrow.


Alright, I will be looking forward to how it can be resolved tomorrow. Thank you

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Hello @ev_jennie, thanks for yesterday. This is to remind you that I’m waiting for your colleague regarding the signing in issues which you said will be looked into today. I hope the issues will be resolved today. Thank you

Asked the team, they’re right now looking into it @Adetunji_Adejare

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@Adetunji_Adejare where exactly do you get an error about an empty/invalid token? Could you make a screenshot please?
And haven’t you changed your email in UI Bakery by the way?

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I get the error at the point of signing in

I am unable to send the screenshot. The first time I tried, the messages that I got was
Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please, try again.

Subsequent times that I tried sending the screenshot, the message that I got was,
Undefined method ‘recompress_original_jpg_quality’ for #

And I have not changed my email