Is there a syntax to write code on UI Bakery? If Yes, than what is the Syntax? Can you share some example


I would like to know if there is some syntax to write code on UI Bakery, If yes what is it? I am not an expert in writing codes, however, I am intermediate and I have done multiple data transformations in my nocode automation projects by writing Javascript code. I can see on UI Bakery I have to return a value. If I understand a few examples, then I will be able to write a code on my own. If you share the codes of the following example then I will get a basic idea. For Eg - Writing code to generate current timestamp, generating a random six-digit code, etc.

Hey @Jayeshkumar_Bhatia
Shortly, we support standard Javascript with additional extrapolation with the help of {{ }}, for example {{ui.table.value}}. Overall, all code fields in UI Bakery support javascript:
image (2)
Also, in the code fields, you can omit ‘return’ in case of the simple and single-line expressions:

image (3)

We do not have any built-in functions, but we support lodash and moment.js, so in case these libraries have any functions you need, you can use them - here’s the guide

You can also check how to reference different variables/ rows:

If you have any specific cases, feel free to share with us, we’ll be happy to help!