Idiots Guides On Data

I’m looking for some real idiot/dummy level guides on how this would work with data. I’ve come from using Webflow then, so you can guess the kind of way I’m used to working. This looks fantastic as a design tool but the data workflow is confusing the hell out of me. The two youtube videos I’ve found haven’t really helped although I kinda get the overall idea. Are there any really detailed, start to finish tuts or follow along anyone can recommend for my peanut-sized brain?

Many thanks in advance!

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I started off by watch this video

How to connect REST API. UI Bakery Academy

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I had seen this, however, after watching it again it has started to make more sense. So thanks for that.

I’m just a little concerned that there’s not too many resources out there (at the moment). However, I think this tool has got a phenomenal future and will definitely be a viable competitor to the likes of Bubble and Webflow. It just needs a bit of time to build up it’s knowledge base I think. I can see myself getting into a lot of trouble with the data side of things.

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Hey @LoneWolf!
Thanks for your question. Right now, we’re gathering the most frequently asked questions and the main issues our users face, especially those concerning data connection (since it’s a relatively new feature). We’re going to prepare detailed tutorials and videos to answer all these questions and help you and other UI Bakers figure out how to use the platform functionality faster.

I hope the materials will be ready in the nearest future. Working hard :muscle:t3:

Hi Jennie.

Thank you for your reply. I can’t wait to see these tutorials! If the quality is the same as the product then I think you’ll have a runaway success on your hands. This will be great. I can’t wait to use it fully as the product of this will be outstanding. It offers a great deal of opportunities for someone like me out in the market today too.

I will be following and awaiting your progress eagerly. Hope it goes well for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you so kindly for taking the time to reply.

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Thank you @LoneWolf for your interest in what we’re doing! :hugs:

This would definitely be great, the frontend is quite intuitive and it’s fun to explore and doesn’t take long to design good looking stuff, while I’m almost completely stuck on the backend and it’s what holding me back.

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Hi @ev_jennie ,

Just a follow up question on data, how can we make the authentication work? I presume it needs a database of some sort…

Thank you!

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