How to set/retrieve checkbox values when using sequence variable

hi, i have a question: i am using a sequence variable to enumerate a series of check boxes. I need to be able to save and restore the individual check box states, how can I do it?

i’ve been playing around with it, and it seems that the Value is only read once and then all of the check boxes in the sequence are set to that Value initially. Also, when you read ui.checkbox.value inside “On Change” action, it only refers to the state of the currently selected check box in the sequence… there’s no way that I see to determine which check box in the sequence that is currently being represented by the ui.checkbox.value.

there should maybe be another action for ui elements that have a sequence variable: “On Sequence Init” which allows access to the sequence item states (both read AND write) and is active AFTER the sequence has initially completed rendering… this way, once a given ui element sequence has completed initial rendering (but before user interaction), this action can allow code to change the initial state of one or more ui elements in the sequence…

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Thank you for your post @cnordquist!
What you’re asking about is not yet possible with UI Bakery but we’re going to enable it in the next 2 weeks.
Thanks again :slight_smile: