How to get data from API - Google Sheet vs Airtable

Hi all users,

I have a question about reading data from Google Sheets API v4
I use this format from google sheet API :{spreadsheetId}/values/{range}

Unfornately I dont know how to write this data back into UI BAKERY, maybe some data mapping required as the header is separate from the values array

Below is the result from my sheets API
“range”: “Users!D1:G10”,
“majorDimension”: “ROWS”,
“values”: [
“Last Name”,
“SS - Nguyễn Tuấn Anh”,
“ASM HNC01 - Phan Hùng”,
“Linh Giang”,

There is an example of Airtable template, however the structure of data return is very different . Also I think Airtable quota for http request is limited to 5 request / second / base , thus cannot scale to many users (Refer to this :

Hi @Vuong_Luu!
Could you please share the link to your project with me in DM?

I got stuck after save data from API link
dont know how to put into the smart table