How to add line items array length on Table?

Hey, I have created a table of orders from Shopify. This table consists of a few columns like Order Number, Date of placing an order, total order value. Now I want to add a column that will add line items number? I am unable to add this column. I tried with line_items.length but this does not work.

Below is how my table looks. I want to add line_items length value in Total Items Purchased column

Hello @Jayeshkumar_Bhatia and welcome to our community!
I will consult the team for a better solution for you and will get back to you shortly. Cheers!

We have looked into your case.
We assume you might have a field ‘line_items’, which is an array. And you’ve set ‘line_items.length’ in the field. If this assumption is correct, you need to specify line_items in the field, and in the mapper, set {{value.length}}, as per screenshot

If that’s not exactly what you’re looking for, please add more context to the structure of your data and what you’re trying to achieve

Cheers :wink:

Hey @Kate_the_baker ,

Thanks, this solves my problem.

@Jayeshkumar_Bhatia great news, thanks!