How I can pass a variable to another page from a selected row on a ‘Table’ component

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Hi Artem,

Thanks for the above guide you provided a while back. I followed it then and ran into some issues with smoothly editing a row on the ‘Table’ component. As such, I decided to switch to the Smart Table component to see if I could use it instead. I also ran into some issues using the Smart Table component and I initially was going to wait for the Smart Table component to be upgraded, but as my project is very delayed, I have decided to try the ‘Table’ component again to see if I can make some headway with my project.

The Problem: I am having difficulty editing a row, as some existing data disappear and and have to be reselected again and when I try to save to the database, I have errors passing a param to the database using the ‘POST’ command.

Can you provide an example project where a numerical number or an array of numbers are successfully passed into a ‘POST’ https command? In addition, can you provide guidance on how I can pass a variable to another page from a selected row on a ‘Table’ component? I am considering clicking a button on a row, so I can get the unique id of the record on the row, and then navigate to a different page where I can query the database for that record and update the record on the page I navigated to.

Please let me know if I need to clarify anything above and I look forward to some guidance on how I can move forward from where I have been stuck for over a month now on UI Bakery.