How do I clear fields? :-)

I am playing around with UIBakery. So I have a SmarTable populated with some data from my server (the usual ToDo-list :slight_smile: ) and after clicking a row, the ToDo with all details is retrieved and shown into a form.

How to I clear the fields (e.g. after deleting the todo with a action triggered by a button) or updating the data?

I tried
or setting the state variable that holds the current todo to an empty object
{{state.currentTodo}} = {};

But the fields are not updated (cleared)?

Hey @Heiko,
Unfortunately there is no way to set fields through code, only read them.
But you can set a field value using Save to App State step setting the currentTodo variable to an empty string ''.


Right, I was 100% sure, I tried that as-well :joy:
Saving an empty object to app state did the trick. Thanks!
{ title: '', description:'' }