How do add values by a number in table?


I have a column in my table with numeric vales. I want to add all this values by a number. I tried adding {{value}} + 10 in mapper but it is not working. When I try to multiple or deduct, than it works, but when I add it does not work.

I tried to add 10, but no values have changed in Total Line Items Price.

When i try to multiple by 10, it works.

@Jayeshkumar_Bhatia since in JavaScript you can also add strings, this is working this way in your case. If your data is received not as a Number, you could try this: {{Number(value) + 10}}
Let me know if that works!

@Kate_the_baker Thanks, This worked. BTW, the issue which I faced with addition, I should have faced the same issue with subtraction and multiplication also. Right? I was able to subtract and multiply without any issue.

It works for subtraction and multiplication because strings cannot be multiplied or subtracted, therefore are converted into numbers, so this has worked for your case.
In the case of an addition, since strings can be added to each other, the result was incorrect.
E.g. for strings it works like 'a' + 'b' === 'ab'