GraphQL (8base as a backend)

Hey :wave: Wonderful product! Do you consider to support GraphQL? Or as a backend? :smiley:


Hi @Vincent!
Sorry for the late reply, we were on holiday for the last days.
Thank you for sharing a great idea! We are currently working on a feature - integrations with the most popular backends (Firebase, Airtable, Google Sheets).
But you can add a new feature here :hugs:

I was playing around and it is already possible. Following steps to use 8Base in a UI Bakery project:

  1. Get your 8Base endpoint and store it as a Variable in the App State Manager. I use “BASE_QL” as name.

  2. Get your 8Base token and store it as a Variable in the App State Manager. I use “BASE_TOKEN” as name.

  3. Create an Action.

  4. Create an HTTP request action with the type POST and the URL set to {{state.API_URL}}. I do this because it will be the same for all requests.

  5. For the request Header set “Content type” to “application/json” and “Authorization” to "Bearer {{state.Base_Token}}

  6. Switch to the Body tab and enter your GraphQL query. For example {"query" : "{companyName}"}

  7. Turn both checkboxes “With credentials” and “Proxy Request” on.

  8. Then create the second action to store the respond in a variable. For me I had to store set the Value of the Save Data to State component to {{}} to get the respond.

Let me know if this helps

Wow @phip_phip, it is amazing!
Thank you for the contribution!

Take a look @Vincent, this should help :slightly_smiling_face:

A bit late to this party and new to UI Bakery, I was also checking 8Base, but then ended up with XANO, no GraphQL, but they also have very good DB and their endpoints can be configured similar to GraphQL.
Their support is really great also.