Dynamically Populated Options for Select Component in Smart Table Appear Not Fully Implemented


I have run into some setbacks with dynamically populating the options for the Select components of a Smart Table. I am not sure if it is a bug issue or just a feature limitation issue. The issues I am facing are:

  1. After incorporating the code to populate the drop down lists for the Smart Table, I see a drop down list on the 1st row. However, when I try to add a new record or update an existing record, the drop down disappears. It is when a record is being added or updated that a dropdown list would be most useful in a table. Is there a plan to enable a drop down to show when adding or editing a record? (See screen capture below)

  1. The placement of the ‘Add New’ button seems wrongly placed. It looks like it should be placed above the table (or somewhere else in the table, or a search caption should be near it), so you know when you click on it, a new row shows up in the table for the addition of a new record. When I look at the Smart Table and see some input fields at the top and a button to the left that reads ‘Add New’, my initial assumption is that I populate the input fields on top and click the ‘Add New’ button to add the new record. However, from trying this out, I see that the input fields at the top of the Smart Table are actually search fields. So what you input in them filter the records shown in the Smart Table. To make it clear that the input fields on top of the Smart Table are actually search fields, I would think there should be a label that says something like ‘Search’ where the ‘Add New’ button currently is and not just only the button that says ‘Add New’.

The feedback above is a bit long, but I hope it is clear.
Overall, for the 1st issue, can you advise if there would be a plan to accommodate having a dropdown list show for the add and edit feature? And if so, how soon someone could expect to see it implemented. This would help me determine if I should continue working with the Smart Table or try to do what I am trying to with a Regular Table component. For the 2nd issue, I could potentially live with it, but it would be nice to have the ‘Add New’ button moved somewhere else (or a Search caption close to it) to make it clear to a user how it works.


Hello @ObyY!

  1. Could you please clarify what you mean under “disappears”? We could understand you better if you record a video if it’s possible. Our developer has tried to reproduce adding/deleting/editing a row together with a filtering function via Select – everything works well. The only thing is that when any changes are made, the filter selection gets canceled, and all the unfiltered rows are displayed (maybe that’s the problem you were talking about?

  2. We’re building a new engine for UI Bakery that will be released in about 2 weeks. There, Smart tables will be updated and designed a bit differently. Thanks to its new design, it will be easier to understand where there is a filter, and where there’s an adding option :slight_smile:

Hi @ev_jennie,

I am only just seeing your reply. I haven’t been able to record what I did, but if you can see the image I attached, the 1st row is the search filter row, you can see there is an arrow in certain fields, showing the user can choose some options. If you look at the two rows below it, which are Add and Edit rows, you will see that there are now arrows on the same fields as the 1st row and a user cannot choose an option when adding or editing a row. The ability to choose from options, in my opinion, is most critical when adding or editing a row and not when searching. I hope the issue I am reporting is clearer. If not, please let me know.


Got it @ObyY.
Well it’s not a bug, it’s a feature request then :slight_smile: Thank you for writing about this!

We’ll surely add it to the Smart tables in our new engine that will be released in about 2 weeks. :pray:t3:

Hi @ev_jennie,

That is great! I do hope the feature request makes it in the Smart Table release you have indicated, as that would greatly ease and facilitate what I am trying to build using UI Bakery.


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