"DEPLOY YOUR PROJECT" feature is not working

Hi I have a paid account under the email address of waltonm@queensu.ca, and I have a project called “Inventory-Manager” in that account. Unfortunately, for me the DEPLOY YOUR PROJECT feature is not working. When I click on “DEPLOY SELECTED”, it simply fails to build. It reports
Latest Deployment: fail
Your system doesn’t provide any other information so I haven’t got anything further to add to the bug report. I don’t mind if you copy my “Inventory Manager” project and try it for yourself in order to diagnose this. I am a paid customer, and I may have to pay for the full plan eventually, but I will not be able to to continue to be a paid customer if this problem doesn’t get resolved. I hate being so pushy.

Edit: I said that there was no further information but technically that was wrong. There is a red “!” tooltip that says “Angular build failed”

I figured out how to solve the problem. In nagivation actions I had page paths expressed literally (e.g. /hardware/items instead of {{routes.hardware_items.url}}. I don’t know if that was an evil thing to do or not but, if it was, there should have been some suggestion of what I was doing wrong. Anyway this is no longer of vital importance to me since I found the answer.

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@h2017 hi! Glad you’ve solved the problem :slight_smile: Let us know if there’s anything we’ll be able to help with.