Dashboard with data from Airtable

I think I have, what should be, an easy question to answer. I will admit to searching for anything about Airtable in this forum, but it appears never.

I’m attempting to see, by diving in blindly, if I can connect Airtable to a dashboard I want to create here. I’ve got the data source defined and the table loaded.

But when I add a metric component to the dashboard and try to set the main field to a numeric type that I roll-up with “sum”, I always get N/A. I’m suspicious that every field has been internalized as strings, but they do appear to be identified as numeric in some cases (like the one I’m trying to use). Thanks for any pointers.

Hi @Chris_Tuttle,
Thank you for submitting your question. let me have a look and I’ll get back to you later with an answer :wink:

Hi @Chris_Tuttle
You are right - if some of your values are strings then sum of them cannot be calculated, you can fix it by adding this transformation in your action:

return {{data}}.map((item) => ({...item, field: Number(item.field) || 0}));

Thanks Alexander. I guess what’s confusing is that the field “appears” to have been partially correctly interpreted as numeric (see my screenshot). It really is a currency field, but I am happy if it comes across at least as a number.