Consider More Abstractions in the UI

Hello UI Bakery team,

Kudos on your product and I love the UI interface that can be created with UI Bakery.

I am new to no code tools and initially started out with Bubble. I started looking for alternatives to Bubble when I ran into issues making my app responsive for a smart phone. UI Bakery seems to have an edge over Bubble in terms of making apps responsive - I only just started using UI Bakery and have not gotten to that phase of making my app responsive, but it appears so from the UI Bakery tutorials. However, one challenge I can see users who have no coding background will have with UI Bakery is the level of abstraction from code that is done when it comes to hooking up data to the UI. I would suggest that UI Bakery borrow a page from no code apps like Bubble and others that prevent a user from having to know they need to type item.element_name, in order to access data that needs to be connected to some part of their app. Just a suggestion.

However, if the target users are those with some coding background, then it is perfectly fine to leave things as they are. But if UI Bakery wants some adoption among users without a coding background, I highly recommend that the team looks into how to simplify the data connection piece even more, so ‘anyone’ can use UI Bakery. If that is done and the hosting of apps is sound (I believe Bubble uses AWS as the backend for its hosted apps), I can see lots of people wanting to try out and use UI Bakery. UI Bakery’s current advantage is the clean UI it creates and also the variety of templates offered. Note - increasing the current number of great UI templates offered would only benefit UI Bakery even more.

All the best to the UI Bakery team!

Hi @ObyY!
Nice to see you here!
I want to thank you for your activity and detailed feedback, I’m sure your feedback would be definitely useful!
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Thanks Artem! I will do so.

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