Clearer Webinars

Hi UI Bakery Team,

I just signed up for UI Bakery last week and started trying to actively use it this weekend. Overall, I think UI Bakery is a great tool that could rival Bubble and even surpass its popularity with no coders - if done right.

With regards the webinars, it would help if the videos were a bit clearer and it were easier to clearly see the different buttons, fields, etc. on the screen of the person doing the filmed tutorial. It might be my laptop, but while trying to watch the REST API Connection tutorial that is linked in the app builder, I had a hard time seeing the actions clearly and that impacts on a user’s ability to duplicate what the video tutorial shows. If there are ways to zoom into the screen of the person giving the tutorial, I think that would be a great win in being able to get users to easily use UI Bakery.

All the best to the UI Bakery team.


Hello @ObyY!
Thank you for your kind words regarding UI Bakery, passed everything to the team :pray:t3:

What concerns the webinars – your point actually makes sense… We’ll see what we can do to make the webinars more comprehensible, thank you for telling us about it. :hugs:

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