Cannot add property [VAR_NAME], object is not extensible

I am getting this error on browser Console.
When I click in a button on front-end, nothing happens because of this error.
See below:

ERROR TypeError: Cannot add property tokenCode, object is not extensible
at app.effects.ts:206
at iif.ts:99
at Observable._subscribe (defer.ts:59)
at Observable._trySubscribe (Observable.ts:238)
at Observable.subscribe (Observable.ts:219)
at subscribeToResult (subscribeToResult.ts:34)
at MergeMapSubscriber._innerSub (mergeMap.ts:148)
at MergeMapSubscriber._tryNext (mergeMap.ts:141)
at MergeMapSubscriber._next (mergeMap.ts:125)
at (Subscriber.ts:99)

In addition, I have not done any modification on downloaded code. I just downloaded the App (WebApp Plan) with the Actions, and I ran “ng serve” command.


Hi @Fernando_Augusto!
Welcome to UI Bakery!
My name is Artem and I’m here to help you!
I tried to reach you via email a day ago.
So to be sure you received the answer I’m going to duplicate it here:
You need to save your data in the step “Save Data to App State”. Use the code something like this “{…object, tokenCode: ‘new Value’}”.

Please let me know if my advice resolved the issue