API data on screen disappears when resizing browser window

The data from my api call successfully displays. Then, when I resize the browser window in any way, the data disappears. The screen shots show this for a smart table. I have had the same issue when using a list of API data or when I build out a repeating space row with data from the api.

If I refresh the data it shows up again, until I resize the browser window.

I have looked at the DOM through Chrome’s inspect. The DOM has all of the divs and such with the data and when I resize all of the data related DOM elements disappear (which makes sense since the data disappears :frowning: )

Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong or if it is a bug?

Thank you for the report, @sstava!
We are looking through the issue at the moment, I’ll inform you about this case ASAP
Sorry for the inconvenience.