Additional option for "decoration" subsection of header element

hello, i need the ability to specify a dotted border around the header element (like the “border-style: dotted;” css directive)… is it possible to add an additional option to the decoration subsection of the header element? ideally something titled ‘css’ which would allow css commands that implicitly reference the current header element? either that, or add a new subsection called ‘border’ within which the options are ‘none’, ‘dashed’, ‘solid’, ‘double’, etc…

thank you for your consideration!

ps: if this isn’t possible in the near future, is there a workaround that allows something like this?

Hey, yep, you can solve your problem via project settings. Go to the project settings -> code tab. There you can add custom HTML inside the <head> tag. So, you can add custom CSS here using the <style> tag like in the picture below:

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cool, thank you! question: how do I determine the name of the element (or elements) i would l would like to add custom css styling to? also, can I limit it to a specific instance of an element? for example, I don’t want dotted borders around every header element, just around one specific header element on one page

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Hi @cnordquist! Not sure here, but if you select any component, you can open the data settings of the component where you can specify the name.