Accessing data within an array of arrays


Below is a sample data my database is returning and I am trying to access the yellow highlighted elements in the array. One of the elements is an array within the main array being returned, while the other is an array, within an array, within an array.

Using the sequence variable, I tried accessing the nested array elements the below way and it returned undefined values.

Can someone please provide some guidance on how to access the nested arrays being returned by the database? Thanks!

Hi @ObyY!
For that purpose, you need to save the data in the Save to App State step like the following: {{data._jobservices._jobservicelines}}.
Now assign this :point_up: variable inside “Sequence Variable” field of the space (or card) and use {{}}; {{item.created_at}} and so on to access the needed properties.
Please let me know if my suggestion helps

Thanks Artem. It appears I was not paying attention to the structure of the data being returned and I mistakenly used caps when trying to access an element. I ended up doing something like the below in order to be able to access the variables: