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Hello all!

I would like to make a product tracking web app. Helium10 for amazon is a good example of what i would like it to be in the future. but i dont really know if its possible in UI bakery.

what it would need :

  • product tracker (tracks daily and monthly sales + adds them up in a graph if users want to check revenue)
  • A profit calculator (so users can check if their future product would be profitable)
  • A email marketing automation (users can make a email marketing automation on the webapp for their customer’s experience)
  • A place in the app where videos can be stored to help customers with their questions.

Hope someone can shed a light if this would be possible in UI bakery.

Thanks for youre time!

hi @Brent_G!

Thank you for reaching out!

Regarding your query, you can create the front-end part of the project in UI Bakery.

For the features like product tracker, profit calculator, email marketing automation you will need to use custom components. To use custom components, you need to download the project and connect it to the components manually.
About the place to store videos, you can host it on google drive and youtube and keep the links to these videos in UI Bakery.

Please let me know if you have any questions