#4 – Simple components reordering

Bug fixes

  • Added a sequence Item variable to the value input of Checkbox, Toggle, and other components.
  • Fixed resetting the app state when going back from the preview mode.
  • Fixed tracking NumberpadEnter for an On Enter trigger.
  • Fixed the error appearing when a user puts a non-existing variable in the HTTP URL.
  • Fixed the URL properties of the reseted links.
  • Fixed “Try again” option when reseting a password.


  • Added an ability to set parameters for Input, Select, etc. Earlier, it was possible only for On Click.
  • Added a mechanism that will block scammers’ accounts trying to spread malicious content and spam.
  • Improved Select, Radio, Stepper, Accordion, Tabs options configuration control. Implemented elements reordering :muscle:t3:
  • Improved the performance by making the text a user is typing appear with a slight delay.
  • Made the user errors highlighted in custom and async code.


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